Gershom was born in the Netherlands and lived for many years in Amsterdam. From his years around the old Amsterdam canals he gained the idea that the 1960’s were perhaps not superior to the 1690s. After getting his PhD in Psychology and Epidemiology he moved to Los Angeles to study first sculpture and later painting at Otis College of Art and Design.
Currently, he teaches neuro-psychology of perception and imagination at both Otis College of Art and Design and at Art Center College of Design. At Otis he also teaches drawing and composition, and rendering in oil paint. He lectures both locally and internationally on perception and imagination and he lives happily with his wife Donna, and with their Australian shepherd, Kye.
His Dutch name, Rob Spruijt, turns out to be hard to pronounce for English speakers, so he signs with his Hebrew name, Gershom.
All these still-lifes are painted in oil on panel, using traditional techniques of layering and glazes. Frames are handmade for each painting by Gershom. Some of the paintings on this website are for sale through Lora Schlesinger Fine Art, Santa Monica, California. Others are sold via Eksteen Inart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For more info on availability, pricing, studio visits, et cetera, write me:

Still-life Paintings